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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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but warmer weather is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> good morning, it's friday, november 23. brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. >> michelle griego. shoppers are swarming bay area department stores now. chopper 5 is on the scene over over san leandro. there's not many people in the lot. everybody taking advantage of black friday deals. we are at a major shopping center in daly city with elissa harrington. >> but first we go to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran at the new outlet center in livermore. >> what a way to start your thanksgiving weekend. a lot of people are filling up the lots filling up the shopping bags and they have been here for hours. we have talked to a lot of shoppers throughout the day and we want to let you know that actually the outlets opened up
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at 10:00 last night. i saw deals were 20 to 50% and they will get better throughout the day. black friday is a big draw for shoppers every year but as budgets are tight, store leaders say outlet malls in particular are more popular on big shopping days. >> you get great brands at discounted prices already and discounts on top of that? how can you beat it. people are thinking how they spend money and being cautious about what they spend on. >> reporter: paragon outlets opened just two weeks ago. it's the first to open in california in the past 11 years. leaders expect it to reach full capacity today. shot earlier in chopper 5, parking lot are full, shoppers in full force really trying to cash in on those big deals. we are told the best time to
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come to paragon outlet mall is now. there is a little on at this point in time. if you are looking for less traffic or people inside the stores, this is the best time to come because it will get full and again, they are expected to reach full capacity today. cate caugiran, cbs 5. j.c. penney says thanksgiving is forgiving thanks not standing in line. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington reports. j.c. penney just opened but that's hours after some other stores. >> reporter: that's right. it opened at 5 a.m. many others opened at 6 a.m. so much later than what we have been seeing with many of their competitors. some even opened yesterday thanksgiving day to offer shoppers some deals. the reason is j.c. penney said it didn't want to overlap into thanksgiving and that customers should not have as to stay up late or wake up super early to get a good deal. the company's ceo ron johnson has changed the business model
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getting read of sales and coupons and instead offering the lowest possible prices every day. they had a $123 million loss last quarter. but they are sticking to their guns. they are having a black friday friday sale the only sale of the year. i spoke with some shoppers who went inside and got some gifts. >> i think people were going for electronics and stuff. it wasn't really too much of a disappointer or anything. reporter: the ceo was inside early this morning and i got a chance to speak with him and his team. i asked about the numbers and they say despite what those numbers say, the model is work and they have no plans to change it. in daly city, elissa harrington, cbs 5. a lot of best buy stores opened at midnight including
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one on san jose's santana row. they're whooping up it. [ laughter ] >> many people were camped out for days to be among the first through the door since bargain items are often limited. one man was only in line for a few hours so he did not get the tv he originally wanted. >> this is going to work out fine. they had something else on sale earlier. this is a good price should work out fine. >> to keep the peace the santana row let customers through 50 at a time. >> a lot of stores in the midst of marathons opening on thanksgiving staying open until closing time tonight, among them this one. target in colma where weather shot this video just a little while ago. that store opened at 9:00 last night. it's going to remain open for 26 hours until 11:00 tonight. >> picketers will greet shoppers at some bay area walmart stores today. walmart workers are not unionized but they are getting
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help from the united food and commercial workers. this is one of four bay area stores where picketers plan to protest today. they also picketed last night prompting a manager to order them off the property. >> this is private property and we are asking you and your group to leave. >> california gives us the right to talk to customers in front of your store. >> you in don't leave we'll get the police involved. >> organizers are calling for walmart to improve employee wages and working conditions. other walmarts include richmond and fairfield stores and the story road location in east san jose are also targeted. now that black friday is here we are looking ahead to cyber monday and for tips on how to save online go to our website, >> we are already looking forward to cyber monday. >> or if you're elizabeth it's
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deep navy blue friday. >> very good. yes. >> we have been talking about traffic and sending chopper 5 to area malls on 880 towards westfield mall in san francisco. so yeah, you know, it's actually lighter than typical commuter friday where a lot of people are heading off to work but we are seeing some businessier conditions. if you're heading towards the bay bridge, traffic looks good into san francisco. but again, right around that union square area. we are seeing a lot of traffic tie-ups on city streets. may have been lines of the freeway no lights there. >> 880 in oakland free and clear this morning past oakland airport and the coliseum. continues to move well towards highway 92 and hayward. if you are heading towards paragon outlets and livermore we know that's going to be a popular spot throughout the day. through the altamont pass no major brake lights. similar story in the south bay.
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you will notice our live drive time sensors picking up. guadalupe parkway a lot of mass transit is on a holiday schedule. ace train no service. muni, ferries, on weekend schedules. bart is actually running longer trains this morning to acome date the shoppers heading towards san francisco and the rest of the malls around the bay area. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." for more on your friday forecast, not looking too bad. >> i'm not big on black friday. you like the crowds? >> you know, i don't like the crowds but the deals today are too good to pass up. >> i love cyber monday because it doesn't matter what you wear. you don't have to wear anything on cyber monday, right? >> whoo, look at you! >> you can wear whatever you want. it is chilly out the door early on this morning. high pressure now building overhead. looks like it's going to make for some great weather as we sail in toward the holiday weekend. we may see ground fog and that will be the worst of it over the coming days. chilly in the 40s out the door.
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this afternoon, basking in sunshine and enjoying it a lot of the temperatures in the 60s some in the low 70s in places like morgan hill. so beautiful weather coming our ray. we'll talk about the rain in the forecast coming up. new this morning, two people are in the hospital after a shooting at a san rafael nightclub. police were called to club 101 before 1:00 this morning detaining several people for questioning. the incident started as an argument inside the club and spilled out into the parking lot where the shots were fired. at this point, there is no information on the conditions of the victims. a fire captain is recovering after the ceiling collapsed on him while fighting an apartment fire in san jose last night. the flames broke out in the complex on willow leaf drive. the captain has a concussion and fractured neck vertebrae. the fire forced residents out of six units. >> this is one heck of a thanksgiving for you, huh? >> yes. but you know, looking on the good side my family is okay and
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that's what we're thankful for. it's a really bad feeling but we're okay and that's the most important thing. >> investigators are focused on a fireplace as the possible source of the fire. it's the first violence since israel and hamas agreed to a cease-fire. israeli troops killed a palestinian man today along its border with gaza. nine others were wounded in what appears to be an isolated incident. otherwise, things are slowly starting to return to normal in the region. now that the truce ended eight days of inches tense fighting. as part of the truce two border crossings are open again afternoon eight days of intense fighting. despite the peace one israeli commander warns his troops are ready if needed. >> gaza will be a quiet place. if the terror organizations will reoperate from gaza, the future is worse than it was. >> meanwhile, an israeli army spokeswoman says an israeli arab who is a member of hamas has been arrested for a bus bombing in tel aviv. the bombing injured 27 on
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wednesday before the truce. well, this is sad news here. boxer hector "macho" camacho is reported to be brain-dead following a shooter in puerto rico. two of his aunts say his family has decided to keep him on life support for two more days at the request of two sisters from new york who want to have been more time to spend with him. mexico's president is trying one last time to drop the words "united states" from the country's name. south of the border is officially known as the united mexican states. president felipe calderon says the name was given in 1824 to imitate the united states of america. calderon hopes both houses of congress and a majority of the country's states will approve the name change. he leaves office on december 1. 6:11. caught on camera, a shocking fight between an officer and suspect. >> it was definitely a full brawl. it was a fight. >> what the officer did it finally take the man down.
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>> and a curious 2-year-old's terrifying plunge down a laundry chute. the tricky operation to get him out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for thanksgiving... so tony williams grabbed his camera, and shot video of a vacant santa cruz man couldn't believe what he was seeing as he was getting ready for thanksgiving. so tony williams grabbed his camera and shot this video of a fight going on in a vacant parking lot across the street. a man was in a brawl with a police officer trying to rest him for an assault. williams says it got so bad at one time he thought the guy was going to get his hands on the officer's gun. >> he was looking for the kill. once i saw him have his hand on his gun, i got really worried and i wanted to run across the
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street right away and help him out was my first instinct. >> and here's how it ended the fight was over when the officer pepper sprayed the suspect and backup arrived. the officer has some bumps and bruises. he will be okay. >> that is good to hear. 6:15. let's check the roads. >> why not. >> and we'll check in with navy blue elizabeth wenger. hey. >> hey, good morning, guys. that's right. navy blue friday for us here in the traffic center and black friday for folks looking for some good friday deals. and it actually looks okay right now by westfield mall. we know the parking lots are filling up. but you're looking live towards union square if you are heading off extra early this morning. we're checking all the freeways for you. so far no big delays at the bridge. longer trains in stops to san francisco. thank you from chopper 5, continuing to be on the move this morning. elsewhere, to our maps. we notice some folks may be
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heading out of town and so far looks good out towards the sierra and truckee. no chain requirements right now on interstate 80, highway 50 and maybe you will find some tule fog down towards the grapevine but that's the only thing that could slow you down. here's a live look. the commute is extra "friday light" because there's not as many people working today obviously so your drive times are still all in the green. down the eastshore freeway 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. westbound 580 we were expecting things to pick up towards the paragon outlets in livermore but so far it looks good on westbound 580 towards the dublin interchange, the nimitz and 24. looks extra light heading through the caldecott tunnel. coming up a check of mass transit. first lawrence has your forecast. >> a little chilly out the door this morning. high pressure building in overhead now and that means we're in for great weather of course had a great thanksgiving lots of sunshine out there coming our way for today. it looks like skies just a
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couple of clouds inside the bay maybe ground fog but not much. so out the door we have chilly temperatures in the valleys, 30s and low 40s there, 50s at the coast. in the afternoon, enjoying beautiful sunshine all the way to the beaches, 60s and 70s in some of the valleys. so we are looking at great weather ahead here. if you travel across the state though as elizabeth said watch out for the tule fog especially in the late night and early- morning hours. we are starting to see some of that this morning and more of that in the coming days. maybe some moving back into the bay area in the latter part of the weekend. sfo sunny, no delays expected there. heading as cross the country showers into houston, 73 degrees. denver checking in at 56 and sunny. 36 and chilly in chicago. and 56 degrees in new york. that ridge of high pressure will hold on a lot of rain continuing to move up into the pacific northwest. we are going to stay dry for the foreseeable future. at least into the middle of next week. temperatures outside expected to be 60s and low 70s in toward
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morgan hill. 63 pacifica. east bay numbers 68 degrees in livermore. 67 and sunny in the napa valley and 66 degrees in pleasant hill. inside the bay you will find plenty of 60s and beautiful weather there getting near 70 in santa rosa and 66 mill valley. mild weekend and then cooling down a little on monday and tuesday. by wednesday, there's a chance we could see some showers returning to the bay area. that he was the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> thank you. well, it appears babies can either be tired or bored even before they're born. some british researchers believe fetuses yawn in the woman based on studies conducted between the -- in the womb based on studies conducted between the 24th and 36th week of pregnancy. it's an indicator of healthy fetal development. interesting. wild thanksgiving for a new hampshire toddler. the 2-year-old took a terrifying plunge down an old laundry chute.
6:19 am
the child opened the chute door on the second floor of the house and slid down it. he got stuck in the wall. they could hear him but was nowhere to be found. >> we woke up to a blood- curdling screaming. everybody was jumping up looking and we could hear him crying and couldn't find him. >> poor little guy. the father first punched holes in the wall so they could see and hold his hand and rescue crews opened up a wall in the basement and disentangled the wires to reach the little boy and after a trip to the hospital, the child was back to climbing and exploring his house. >> he looks proud of himself. got the cops to show up and everything. >> definitely a share they will stair with him forever. an indiana couple started their thanksgiving holiday with a run and a ring. >> the girlfriend was apparently terrified by the turkey day proposal. listen. [ screaming ] >> sounds like terror to me.
6:20 am
>> is that terror? >> sounds like it. they started the day with a 5-k run together and then at the finish line the big surprise. he asked chelsea to marry him. friends helped tyler to carry the message making it impossible for her to refuse. >> she said yes. >> looks like it. 8:21 on this post- thanksgiving day. we could find out today who could be the starting quarterback for the 49ers. >> and another epic football game in san jose. who gets bragging rights for had holiday matchup? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. quarterback announcement ats scheduled news conference t. there're been reports all wk that colin k ick") will get the 49ers head coach jim harbaugh might have a quarterback announcement at his scheduled news conference
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today. there have been reports all week that colin kaepernick will get the call in new orleans on sunday. the second year quarterback had a big game against chicago monday night filling in for alex smith, who was out with concussion. smith is cleared it play against the saints so we'll -- smith has been cleared to play against the saint so we'll see what happens. the big bone will stay at lincoln high school for another year. >> yes, ladies and gentlemen, san jose's thanksgiving football tradition, the annual big bone game between the city's two oldest public high schools. the lincoln lions beat the san jose bulldogs 59-13 before fans at city college. the rivalry dates back to the 140s. it's lincoln's 15th straight big bone win dating back to the 1940s. from college basketball, memphis with the alley-oop. d.j. stephens... dunks it in.
6:25 am
that's not really a dunk. in the end virginia commonwealth beat memphis 78. 65. >> very nice. door buster deals before dawn. >> we have live team coverage on the highs and lows of black friday madness. >> holiday shopping season is officially under way here at the paragon outlet mall. we'll tell you why some shoppers say they skipped last night's dessert in place of a deal. >> and we're in daly city where one major retailer says that thanksgiving is for thanking not shopping. i'll tell you which one and why they decided to open much later than competitors this morning. ,, [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald
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good morning, everyone. it's friday, november 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off. almost 6:30. there may be some traffic jams in the bay area and it's not people commuting to work. >> no, it isn't. chopper 5 is live over serramonte center in daly city. take a look, one of many places where shoppers are heading out this morning. elissa harrington is at j.c. penney in daly city but first we go to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran at the new paragon outlets in livermore. >> reporter: good morning, brian and michelle. i think this is dedication. really what it is. i'm seeing these shoppers out here. but actually right now it's calmed down a bit because it's nothing like last night. shoppers were out here at the mall at 10:00 last night and store leaders tell me it was a zoo! the doors opened or the 130 shops opened up just last night. we spoke to shoppers who have
6:30 am
actually been here since then. for them they say it's all about the rush and the constantly changing deals. the stores will be switching up discounts throughout the day. they range from 20 to 50% off and shoppers tell me, black friday is all about getting more bang for your buck. >> only spent about 60 bucks so all in all from the stores that i purchase from, maybe 150, 150 bucks. >> worth it? >> well worth it. >> reporter: the outlet is expected to reach full capacity today. it's california's newest outlet in the past 11 years. paragon actually just opened its doors two weeks ago. it's hard to believe. take a look in chopper 5, this is around the time we first got here. lots of people shopping, bags and parking lots full. it's been constantly busy since they opened. it's not expected to slow down any time soon. the best time to come is now. we are seeing that first shift of shoppers finally go home.
6:31 am
the next round is expected about now. for good deals, come by. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> it's been a busy morning at the vacaville outlets. black friday traditionally is the biggest retail ee haven't of the year for the premium -- event of the year for the premium outlet simon property group. they own outlet centers in napa, petaluma and gilroy. most j.c. penney stores opened just a half hour ago. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the daly city store. j.c. penney is going in a different direction this black friday. >> reporter: much different direction. definitely against the trend was as you most retailers have been opening earlier and earlier to stay competitive, j.c. penney actually opened later. they opened at serramonte center at 5 a.m. and most other places at 6:00 this morning. there are a couple of reasons that the company chose to make that move. one, to not overlap into thanksgiving. a message on their twitter account says thanksgiving is for thanking, not shopping.
6:32 am
their business model is about low prize every day not just black friday -- low prices every day, not just black friday and their customers shouldn't have to wait up early to get a good deal. >> he sent a message out that's amazing. he said thanksgiving is for the family and wanted us to be at home with our families to celebrate. so i know all of us at the daly city jcp appreciated it a lot. >> reporter: the new ceo ron johnson has done a major overhaul of the company's pricing system eliminating sales and coupons to go instead for the lowest possible prices every day. this black friday sale is their only sale of the year. and even though numbers show that their sales are gone way down, the managers tell me that this model is working and they have no plans to change it. in daly city, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> okay, elissa, thanks very much. a lot of best buys opened at the stroke of midnight including this one on santana row in san jose. [ screaming ] >> they're excited. many people were camped out for days to be among the first
6:33 am
through the doors since bargain items are often in limited supply. one guy only in line for a few hours so he did not get the tv he wanted. >> yeah, this is going to work out fine. they had something else on sale earlier. but this is about the right size. i know it's going to fit so good price, should work out fine. >> still based on the hysteria of the past, to make sure that everybody remained calm, the santana row store let customers through the doors only 50 at a time. and that seemed to work out pretty well. [ screaming ] >> more retail therapy here. a lot of stores are in the middle of marathons opening on thanksgiving staying open until closing time tonight. and this is one of the busiest target stores in san jose where shoppers entered in groups of 30. a lot of them wanted big ticket items like flat screen tvs. shoppers at some bay area walmart stores will find picket lines today. walmart workers are not unionized but they are being helped from the united food and
6:34 am
commercial workers. this walmart on hesperian in san leandro is one of four bay area stores where picketers plan to protest today. they also picketed last night prompting a manager to order them off the property. >> this is private property. again, we' asking you and your group -- we're asking you and your group to leave. >> california law gives us the right to talk to customers and handle in front of the stores. >> if you don't leave, we will get the police involved. >> organizers are calling for walmart to improve employee wages and working conditions. other walmarts targeted today include the richmond and fairfield stores as well as the story road location in east san jose. all of this is leading to the fact that americans are expected to spend a good deal more during the holidays this year. retail experts predict overall holiday sales are going to be up about 4% from last year. that means the average shopper will spend $582. online retailers are looking for a double-digit hike in
6:35 am
spending. consumers are likely to spend more than $400 on internet shopping. now that black friday is here we are looking ahead to cyber monday. for info on the how to go online and save money go to >> i said i wasn't going shopping today but elizabeth talked me into it. >> are you seriously going to do it? >> seriously. elizabeth and i are going together. >> we're within walking distance of a mall! [ laughter ] if you are going out right now getting some black friday deals here's what it looks like from overhead. this is a view from chopper 5. they are in daly city right now by serramonte center and gosh, compared to last night, this actually looks pretty good up 280 and serramonte boulevard. chopper 5 has been cruising area malls all morning and it's so far looking good on most bay area freeways. let's go to our maps and other live traffic cameras. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. so far no metering lights. so that is the good news. easy breezy into san francisco so far and if you are heading towards the dublin interchange,
6:36 am
this is a look at westbound and eastbound 580. we know a lot of, may be heading towards paragon outlets in livermore. and so far the drive time is still only about 15 minutes between the altamont pass and dublin-pleasanton. so here's some other drive times across the east bay. obviously a lot of people are off work today. black friday holiday "friday light" so everything is good coming down the eastshore freeway. 880 the nimitz and 24 through the caldecott tunnel. a lot of mass transit is on a holiday schedule. we'll talk more about that coming up. in the meantime a check of the forecast with lawrence on that. >> it was hard to talk michelle into going shopping today. michelle, do you want to go shopping? okay. [ laughter ] >> she was ready to go. out the door, a little chilly in spots early on. we are seeing patchy ground fog developing in the napa valley. high pressure overhead looks like the rain line will stay well to the north probably through the weekend so looks like some great weather ahead today. temperatures a little cold to begin with in some of the valleys, down to the upper 30s in the napa valley right now.
6:37 am
41 degrees in santa rosa, 44 in san jose. and 54 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we are enjoying some sunshine and these temperatures are going to be very comfortable all the way to the coastline. sunny skies and occasional high clouds overhead. a lot of 60s in some places maybe even the low 70s by the afternoon, as well. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. two people are hospitalized after a shooting at a nightclub in san rafael. police were called to club 101 at 1:00 a.m. and detained several people for questioning. it appears an altercation started inside the club and spilled out into the parking lot, where shots were fired. so far, there's no information on of the victims' conditions. a fire captain is under observation this morning after he was hurt at a fire in san jose. the captain went inside the burning building and the roof started to cave in. he suffered a concussion and a fractured vertebrae in his neck. the three-alarm fire at the kimberly woods apartment started about 8:30 last night. 18 residents were forced out of
6:38 am
six units. >> this is one heck of a thanksgiving for you, huh? >> yes. but, you know, looking on the good side my family is okay and that's we're thankful for. it's really bad feeling but we're okay and that's the most important thing. >> fire started on the upper level of the building maybe in a fireplace. investigators are still looking into it. former moraga school board president explained his decision to resign 24 hours after he was re-elected. dexter louie tells la narinda weekly the decision to step down was painful. he didn't explain. the newspaper reports that he may have had a conflict of interest concerning a child abuse lawsuit against two former teachers. some of louie's relatives spoke on behalf of one of the suspects. and in other news this morning, israeli troops killed a palestinian man today along its border with gaza. it's the first violence since israel and hamas agreed to a cease-fire. 19 others were injured in what appears to be an isolated
6:39 am
incident. otherwise, things are starting slowly to return to normal in the region now that the truce has ended eight days of intense fighting. as part of that truce, two border crossings are open again. but despite the relative peace, one israeli commander warns his troops are ready if they are needed. >> gaza will be a quiet place. if the terror organizations will reoperate from gaza, the future is worse than it was. >> meanwhile an israeli army spokesman says that a member of hamas has been arrested for a bus bombing in tel aviv. the explosion there injured 27 people wednesday before the truce. time now 6:39. the line, the deals, and all the hype. next, a political insider on fashion sense and common sense on this black friday. >> and the u.s. postal service taking a cue from online retailers. the urban destination that's taking same-day delivery on test drive. >> and the market is open for
6:40 am
an abbreviated session today. let's take a quick look at the numbers here. so far, so good. coming up an update from jason brooks with kcbs and ,,
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position... and a lot of hye about the annual holiday shopping ritual. there's a lot of speculation about the 49ers quarterback position and a lot of hype about the annual holiday shopping ritual. >> yes. for more here's cbs 5's political insider phil matier and his sidekick the bay area's best shopper willie brown. how was your thanksgiving, gentlemen? [ laughter ] >> whoa! >> i just got elevated. [ laughter ] >> ho ho! >> i don't know who that is. [ laughter ] >> i'll remember that one. how's the shopping going? did you get out last night? [ laughter ] >> but i didn't do any shopping. you got to wait until, you
6:44 am
know, there's complications develop from so many people attending before you really shop at least according to clients. >> you have clients passing counterfeit dollars? >> they are in the printing business. they just don't shop until there's a crowd. >> what are the tips? >> well, the tips are you ought to plan long time in advance what you're really interested in. and you ought to figure out comparatively speaking what the price savings really are because there are many occasions that they're not price savings in reality. >> no. before you they are seasonal savings because no matter how many times americans say i'm going to shop ahead, we always wind up in lines, we always forget until the last minute. >> but this is not last minute at all, phil. this is taking advantage of things that are supposed to be legs expensive now. you -- last minute are the guys who show up on the 23rd of december trying to buy the grits. i'm highly organized. highly organized! >> how much of this black friday stuff is deals and how
6:45 am
much is just america's love to go shopping and to be in front in something a line anywhere? >> from a retailer's standpoint, it's 100% hype and promotion. you really don't give out discounts and what have you until you're ready to unload things from last season, et cetera. >> what about the guy who loves the hype? >> you have to somehow got to get people interested in spending their money and fortunately for all us, barack obama's win and the prospect that the nation is improving has caused people to want to use their credit cards. when i was last out shopping on wednesday, it was incredible. i have never seen so many people who couldn't afford it buying so much, period! and they were all using credit cards. >> reporter: america's a great country. >> one had a card with a long last name like it was a russian name and it was a brother!
6:46 am
[ laughter ] >> all right. yeah. how do you follow that, phil, right? >> well, mayor brown, by the way, you remember last time when you were on, we were talk about the fact that the first possible republican presidential nomination candidate you could remember was alf landon in 1926. >> i remember that he is getting nervous. [ laughter ] >> go. >> come on, brian. [ laughter ] >> now, good to see you again, mayor. >> quickly before we go let's talk 49ers and the quarterback situation. >> oh, the quarterback situation? it's very simple. they are going to play colin. you know, this coach is into responding to what the fans really want. colin will screw it up in the 1st quarter or so, alex will be back out there as insecure as he has become. [ laughter ] >> you know, you never mince words, mayor. >> no. >> i always get in trouble though. whenever i wander into the world of quarterbacks, i get in real trouble. i remember years ago, when i
6:47 am
got in trouble with the 49ers. >> elvis girlback. >> you remember the name. >> i remember his name. you said he was an embarrassment to mankind. >> all i know is i got in trouble. >> get out and spend money for everybody. >> we will! all right. thank you for all that insight. i'm wondering what's in their coffee. >> i'm with the mayor. i'm still stuck on the oakland raiders and darla monica. >> it's a long time ago. wall street is opening this morning following the thanksgiving holiday. but there's not likely to be too much action here now, jason brooks with kcbs and >> a lot of traders staying home in their football and food comatose from yesterday so quiet day ahead. all the attention is on black friday and the shopping weekend ahead. walmart already saying that it's served 22 million customers since last night until this point this morning.
6:48 am
five million transactions which works out to 5,000 items sold per second during peak hours. so off to a heady start already. market is positive this week increasing hopes that a deal will be reached soon to avoid falling off the looming "fiscal cliff" and a positive start this morning. let's look at the numbers. right now the dow is gaining 58 points. nasdaq is up by 16. s&p moving higher by 6 points. and walmart shares are moving just slightly higher. michelle and brian, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and following in the footsteps of online retailers the cash- strapped u.s. postal service will be testing out same-day delivery this holiday season. same day. it will happen here in the bay area. the u.s. ps will partner with retailers and begin offering the service in san francisco this december. if things run smoothly it will en spanned to new york, chicago -- it will expand to other cities like new york, chicago and boston next year. it's 6:49. let's check the weather.
6:49 am
>> if they run smoothly. >> yeah. >> but they have to do something. the postal service is losing lots of money around the nation. wow. all right. shall we talk some weather? >> why not. [ laughter ] around the bay area today, we are look at some sunshine coming our way. couple of patches of ground fog showing up in the napa valley right now. otherwise high pressure beginning to sneak in overhead. out the door it's chilly in spots especially inland. temperatures moderate as you approach the coastline but by the afternoon, everybody is enjoying sunshine all the way to the beaches, 60s there, 60s and low 70s in the inland valleys. traveling out of sfo no delays expected. across the country we are expecting a few showers into houston, 73 degrees there. 56 and sunny in denver. 36 degrees chilly in chicago. and 56 degrees partly cloudy into new york. high pressure building in and it looks like it's going to stick around through the holiday weekend. lots of sunshine. i think the thing we'll worry about is late night and early- morning ground fog in the
6:50 am
valleys. otherwise temperatures looking good. 60s even 70s in toward morgan hill. 68 in san jose. east bay numbers in the upper 60s in many spots. as high as 68 degrees in livermore, 66 in danville and about 67 degrees in the napa valley. and inside the bay enjoying that sunshine, all the way to the beaches. looking good. 62 in daly city. 66 in san francisco. 69 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, we are going to see plenty of sunshine in the afternoon hours. and some mild temperatures. looks like we'll stay dry through monday and tuesday but there's a chance we could return to some rainfall as we head in toward next wednesday and thursday. elizabeth? >> yes. we're going cruising with chopper 5 once again. they are hitting all the malls around the bay area this morning and right now they are over tanforan in san bruno. you can see the parking lots are already full. a lot of malls had overflow parking ready and available. right now though it actually looks good. chopper zooms out on 380 and el camino real.
6:51 am
overall it is extra "friday light" this morning. we know obviously a lot of folks off work so everything is pretty quiet for silicon valley commuters on westbound 237 leaving milpitas. similar story little farther north 880 the nimitz in oakland. oakland coliseum right there off in the distance. if you are traveling southbound 880, it is not too bad from the macarthur maze all the way down into oakland and towards hayward heading towards highway 92. let's try to click past this to our next map. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. nice flow this morning both directions between marin county and san francisco. they did some lane changes a little while ago. if you are really heading out of town towards the sierra, here's a gorgeous picture this morning. this is interstate 80 near truckee. you can see some fog but no chain requirements this morning as lawrence said it's staying dry so 80, 50 and 88 no chain requirements. also looks good for the grapevine. that is your traffic and weather together every 10
6:52 am
minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. cbs special person to person with charlie rose and lara logan airs tonight. one of the star guests, new orleans saints quarterback drew brees. >> first of all, that he's a great guy and clearly is a football hero who feels that his celebrity should be used for good things and he has been part of the rebuilding of new orleans and obviously because of the super bowl is a huge hero there. >> and he is going to be joined basis wife, as well. other guest -- he is going to be joined by his wife, as well. other guests are sean penn, gabby douglas and alisha keys. catch "person to person" tonight at 10 p.m. here on cbs 5. >> some interesting guests there. go ahead. >> san francisco giants getting in on all the black friday action. they are selling single game tickets for the first half of the season starting at 10 a.m. the tickets will be available
6:53 am
at giants dugout stores and the team's website. tickets on sale until christmas eve. >> brian, i will dance with you anytime. >> i look like a helicopter trying to land in pudding when -- truly i do. >> no. it's 6:53. 7 minutes before 7:00. while you were sleeping, others were shopping. >> the new bay area shopping center attracting crowds and traffic on this black friday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. san rafael nightclub. ere first called t two people are hospitalized after a shooting this morning at a san rafael nightclub. police were first called to club 101 around 1 a.m. they detained several people for questioning. investigators say it looks like the incident started as an argument inside the club and then spilled out into the parking lot where the shots were fired. at this point there is no information on the condition of
6:57 am
the victims. some shoppers have already finished their black friday excursions to the stores. and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in livermore where the new paragon outlets have been open all night long. these are die-hard shoppers, cate. >> reporter: yes, michelle. i feel like right now as though it's the changing of the guard because it has calmed down. but don't be fooled because we are told the paragon outlet mall is expected to reach full capacity today. shoppers tell me the biggest draw to black friday is the constantly changing deals. one reason a lot of them have been out here for hours, i have seen deals of 20 to 50% off outlet leaders saying some of the best discounts are later today. we want to show you overhead chopper 5 we have seen cars backed up along the roads and we're not even at peak shopping time. that will come later. paragon has about 130 high-end stores and california's newest outlets opened the past 11 years shoppers have flooded the area since this one opened two weeks ago and it won't slow down soon. if you are looking for a good time to come to the outlet
6:58 am
mclaughlin's, now is the time. back to you. >> thank you. most j.c. penney stores they opened at 6 a.m. this morning. much later than other stores. new ceo of the kun wanted its employees and shoppers to spend thanksgiving with families instead of in long lines. despite the late opening the daly city store did see lots of shoppers this morning. this is the only sale of the year for the department store. the ceo says j.c. penney has low prices every day. so you can save every day not just on black friday. >> shall we look at the very exciting traffic this morning? >> sure. >> are we going to me first? okay. i'm not sure where chopper 5 is, someone along 101. we have actually sent them out to -- we're hearing about an accident just now two-car crash overturn likely injuries northbound 101 approaching embarcadero road in palo alto. so traffic is so light it's not causing much delay but be extra careful if you are heading out this morning getting some black friday deals. we know we have been sending chopper 5 out to all the malls
6:59 am
all around the bay area. mass transit would be a great option, bart is running longer trains for the black friday holiday. ace train no service. >> i want to talk more shopping. i'm just riveted. this is just -- >> this has been the shopping show. >> i love shopping. [ laughter ] around the bay area, right now if you are heading out to do a little shopping or anything else, 30s and 40s in the valleys, 50s at the coastline. temperatures under mostly sunny skies this afternoon into the 60s nice and dry through the weekend could see showers for the middle of the week. >> did you have a good thanksgiving? >> wonderful, thank you. >> i did. >> i'm still stuffed from all that turkey. >> i had one big turkey and about 15 pigs. we're all sitting around the table. [ laughter ] >> love it. captions by: caption colorado


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